Parker Valve Island Configurator
  • 1. Configure Your Valve Island
    To configure your valve island you need to specify the Head and the subsequent stations. As a default starting point, we have provided a blank Head Module and 3 blank Stations.
    To configure the head, Left Click on the Head module.
    Start your head configuration by selecting data the connection followed by your desired electrical connection, Pilot Supply and Pilot Exhaust. Once these have been specified, you can select the Pneumatic Connections for the Main Supply and Main Exhaust fittings. Click Select to finalise your configuration.
    To Configure a Station, Left Click on the desired station.
    First select your Valve and Intermediate Module, an image of your selected valve will be displayed on the right. After selecting your module, choose the Intermediate Module Port 2 fitting. Currently, Port 2 must match Port 4 so you are not able to select an item from the Port 4 list. Click Select to finalise your station.
    You can repeat the above for as many stations as you want and add more stations if you require (see 2. Adding More Stations). You can also return to a station and alter its configuration at any time (see 3. Editing Stations).
  • 2. Adding More Stations
    The maximum number of stations that is permitted is 9. If you need more stations up to this value, you can add them at any position in the Valve Island.
    To add a station, Right Click the station to the left of where you want your new valve to appear. Select Add New Valve from the menu. A blank station will be added into your valve island.
    To configure this new station, simply Left Click it and follow the procedure outlined in 1. Configure Your Valve Island.
  • 3. Editing Stations
    If you have configured a valve but then want to change an aspect of it, simply Left Click on the station you wish to alter. From here you can alter the configuration following the procedure in 1. Configure Your Valve Island.
  • 4. Deleting Stations
    You can delete stations from any position in your valve island by simply right clicking on the station you wish to delete and selecting Delete Valve from the menu.
  • 5. Copying Stations
    Should your valve island require multiples of the same station configuration, you can clone a configured station rather than having to individually specify it.
    To do this, simply Right Click on the station you wish to copy and select Copy Valve from the drop down menu.
  • 6. Requesting a Quote
    Once you have completed your valve island configuration and are ready to request a quote, simply click the Quote Me button.
    Simply fill in the requested fields in the Quote Me box and click Request Quote. Please note that we will send your quote via email so please ensure that you type your email address accurately.
    Quotes are normally responded to within 2 working days. You can track the progress of your quote request online via the link sent to your email address.
  • 7. Contact Scattergood & Johnson
    If you need to contact Scattergood & Johnson for any reason, please call 0113 243 0203 or email [email protected]. If you are calling in relation to your quote request, please have your quote number ready.